Working iPhone 11 returned to owner nearly six months after it fell in a lake

A recent news report claims an Iphone was able to survive for nearly six months underwater. - Pixabay

Working iPhone 11 returned to owner nearly six months after it fell in a lake

Apple’s recent iPhones, like several alternative high-ticket devices, go along with associate degree informatics (ingress protection) rating that certify the device to be safe underneath water for a selected quantity of your time.

The iPhone eleven includes a rating of IP68 (meaning it will survive up to thirty minutes underwater); however, a recent account claims the device was ready to survive for much longer – nearly six months underwater.

According to a report from Apple Insider, a free-diver couple from Chilliwack managed to retrieve 2 phones from the rock bottom of Harrison Lake in British Columbia. The couple frequently clear rubbish from the rock bottom of the lake and located the phones – one flip phone and also the alternative associate degree iPhone eleven. Whereas the previous was inoperable, the latter started operating once they took it home, the report states.

The couple then contacted the first owner of the device, a resident of Vancouver World Health Organization, who reportedly threw her phone into the lake in Sept 2020. The owner, Fatemeh Ghodsi, lost her balance once the device fell into the lake once she was told that there was no thanks to retrieve it from the water, in line with the report.

She told the blood profile of the North American country that she was in “complete shock” which she initial thought it had been her friends pranking her because the message had arrived from her recent range. However, she ended up visiting the couple in Chilliwack to urge her smartphone back. “It was quite a sort of a zombie phone returning to me, as a result of I’d wholly build (sic) peace with it being gone,” she declared.

Last month, we have a tendency to reportable concerning another iPhone user World Health Organization plunged into the phase change water at Victoria Harbour to select up his iPhone that had fallen within the night before on Valentine's Day, solely to seek out it had been operating fine and photos that a watcher had clicked of him delivered straightaway once he turned it on in his pocket.

It definitely sounds like Apple’s devices are more robust than the corporate advertises. What's more, however, don’t go dropping them in giant water bodies – your warrants are void if there’s any water damage.

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