Vin Diesel, Bruce Willis are Hollywood\

Vin Diesel, Bruce Willis are Hollywood"s most dangerous onscreen drivers

Vin Diesel"s St. Dominic Toretto character from the Fast & Furious franchise has destroyed virtually double as several vehicles onscreen as Jason Bourne, contend by Matt friend. in line with analysis distributed by Scrap automotive Comparison, Diesel destroyed no fewer than thirty cars in 2011"s quick 5 alone. In total, the yankee actor is liable for wrecking sixty one vehicles onscreen – that is a new than Bruce Willis. The legendary run star takes second place within the ranking of Hollywood"s most dangerous drivers, sooner than Arnold Schwarzenegger, United Nations agency counts some fifty two vehicles destroyed onscreen.
The study checked out the quantity of cars written off onscreen by every actor, taking into consideration vehicles crashed or destroyed with stars at the wheel, or vehicles ruined with the employment of firearms or different suggests that. "Minor harm like wing mirrors being broken or tiny dents weren"t counted within the analysis," the study explains. Diesel was at the wheel of fifty seven of his sixty one vehicles destroyed, compared to thirty five of the sixty destroyed by Willis. The slayer star was driving thirty of the fifty two vehicles he destroyed.

Jason Statham and Dwayne Johnson are available joint tenth place. each stars destroyed eighteen vehicles onscreen, however whereas The Rock was driving twelve of these, the quick And Furious: John Berry Hobbs and Shaw star was at the wheel of six.
While no feminine lead makes the highest ten, the study will state that Angelina Jolie wasn"t too so much behind, trashing a complete of ten vehicles onscreen. – alpha foetoprotein Relaxnews

Top ten most dangerous onscreen drivers
1. Vin Diesel - sixty one (number of vehicles destroyed onscreen)
2. Bruce Willis - sixty
3. Arnold Schwarzenegger - fifty two
4. Matt friend - thirty five
5. Keanu Reeves -30
6. Tom Hardy - twenty nine
7. Daniel Craig - twenty four
8. Nicolas Cage - twenty two
9. Tom Cruise - nineteen
10. Dwayne Johnson/Jason Statham - eighteen

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