Mobile gaming has come back an extended manner within the past few years, with games like PUBG Mobile providing actually console-a quality gameplay on smartphones. However, touch-screen controls have their limitations. In spite of your talent level, any player would enjoy PUBG Mobile or the other mobile game with a controller. In this article, we will tell you "How to play PUBG with controller"?. 

We are going to tell you this brand new PUBG Mobile game controller for PUBG this is called PUBG Mobile Game controller a sixth finger gamepad as you can see right in the top Image. In the PUBG Mobile game controller, you can use six fingers while you are playing as you can see it in the image, and it\"s very useful, here are some instructions for you "How to play PUBG mobile with controller"? This is easy to use and the instruction to put your phone in the case, and we have here a sample of how you can use it this controller is very simple and put your Mobile phone in the controller and this controller with a fan to cool down your phone this game controller fan quite and powerful to reduce phone heating and this controller got 1200mah emergency power bank which never runs out the juice. You want to buy this PUBG Mobile game controller, you can buy it online from Amazon.

These six fingers make this controller special you can see in the back two of your fingers goes right here and these two goes right here so, you can see how it sets right when you pull it so this controller is very good made, and we are going to test it immediately without losing any time let\"s go ahead and grab our phone right here but is with PUBG activated you can see now is the phone it\"s and the controller. Its wonderful you can see the back and to make this work we have to go here to control customize and know what we have to do is very simple we just have to put the shooting one right here aiming and the left corner and now we can use those two as it says in the box these are called peak, and fire we can\"t put the left one right here that\"s great and the right one right there press save, and you can see now it\"s saved let\"s get back to the game start the game and see how it works as you can see us have the controls right here you can see 24th of Peak and fire aim and shoot so let\"s pull these back, and now you get why it\"s called six fingers we have two rights here, and we have two thumbs so, you can control like this so, For, example, you can aim peak and fire on the left side or the right side, and shoot you can do same in the other side, for example, peak and fire on the left side shoot, and that\"s the benefit of this controller you have you can access to or play with six fingers, and in the same time, so guys this was all for today\"s video and the six fingers controller if you have any question suggestion about this controller and comment down below, and we will try to help you thank you very much for your time and support hit the like button subscribe our Channel, and we will see you the next one you.

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